Some of the greatest professional football players of past and present are African Americans. Although they did not have it easy in the early years with things such as hate, very poor salaries and laws that prevented them from playing they have persevered. Today African Americans have more opportunity at playing professional football then any other race including whites. Black players now have agents who help them score multi million dollar contracts. Many have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame such as Emlen Tunnell who was the first African American to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Many black players have thier own NFL charities and donate to other charities as well as support their local communities.  Today some wonder if perhaps reverse racism exsisted in the NFL geared towards the white players. Regardless African American football players have overcome many things throughout the years. You be the judge if there is still racism in the NFL.

 First Modern African-American NFL Player - March 21, 1946
The Los Angeles Rams signed halfback Kenny Washington to an NFL contract

First African-American NFL Player From an All-Black College - 1947
Paul "Tank" Younger also signed with the L.A. Rams a year after Washington.

First African-American Head Coach of the Modern NFL Era - 1989
Art Shell was hired as head coach of the Oakland Raiders after serving as a player and assistant coach for the Raiders for 20 years.

First NFL Playoff Game Featuring Two Black Head Coaches - January 4, 2003
Herman Edwards' New York Jets defeated Tony Dungy's Indianapolis Colts 41-0 in the wild-card round.


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